The NAC-2 is the centre of your autopilot system, containing the electronics needed to operate and interface with other key components. The NAC-2 has been designed for boats up to ten metres (35 feet) in length and is suitable for low-current hydraulic steering pumps, mechanical drive units, or solenoid valves.

NAC-2 Autopilot Computer

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Autopilot Computer
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  • Key Features

    • Reliable autopilot performance based on Continuum Steering technology
    • Recommended for boats up to 10 metres (35 feet) in length
    • Compatible with low-current drive pumps, mechanical drives, hydraulic linear drives, and solenoid valves
    • Virtual rudder feedback for simplified installation aboard outboard and sterndrive boats
    • Supports Simrad RF25 rudder feedback units
    • Plug-and-play connectors for easy installation
    • NMEA 2000® connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedbacks, dedicated autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays

    Product details

    Easy Installation
    Plug-and-play connectors facilitate easy installation, minimising the wiring necessary to install your autopilot system. Industry-standard NMEA 2000® networking offers simple connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedback units, autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays located anywhere on board.

    Standard Output
    The NAC-2 Autopilot Computer is recommended for boats up to 10 metres (35 feet) in length. It has been designed to reliably operate low-current drive pumps including the Simrad RPU80, mechanical drives such as the Simrad SD10, hydraulic linear drives such as the HLD350, and solenoid valves.

    Virtual Rudder Feedback
    Simrad Virtual Rudder Feedback (VRF) technology eliminates the need to install a separate rudder feedback unit aboard outboard and sterndrive (inboard/outboard) boats with planing hulls. This reduces overall autopilot system cost and complexity, and is ideal where a feedback unit is impractical due to mechanical constraints. The NAC-2 also supports SimNet or NMEA 2000® connected Simrad RF25 feedback units, and resistive rudder feedback sensors, for vessels that do require a physical rudder feedback sensor.

    Minimum product requirements

    A drive unit, heading sensor, NMEA 2000® network, and compatible autopilot controller or multifunction display are required to create a complete autopilot system. Some vessels may also require a rudder feedback unit.



VAT/ΦΠΑ 24% included


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